Generally every month. We have minor and major update releases with Universal New Features and Corrections in existing Products. We share the feature list with every new release.

Yes and we have multiple choices for clients to select.
+ For Cloud based products:
- You can access through any web browser
- Install the desktop application to connect with the cloud databases
+ For mobile application products
- Download the app to manage your business on a smartphone

We have extensive knowledge of the jewelry business with many years of experience in this industry. We received the opportunity to create software in several modules to match the operations of our clients. Furthermore, we have learned from various modules to assist clients in improving their performance. We can fix any of the difficulties you wish to improve to make your business more convenient at a reasonable price.

Providing the license has not expired and we have a version update, the current license will work.

We do customize invoices and other documents in the Client’s local language. Currently we have already designed several document in many languages. These countries include: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Taiwanese, USA and Indian. We are still expanding these languages to include more.

- The process is as follows:
- Firstly, a confidentiality agreement will be signed with the customer in order to ensure protection of their personal and business data.
- We will then install a program in order to set-up the database on our sever.
- If there is any proprietary client customization we will develop individual and encrypted DLL files for the software.
- If authorization is granted, we may login to the customer network for support if required. In the event we are required to assist, all customer data is protected.

We can work remotely, and if the customer would like we are happy to have online meet up via their preferred method of communication e.g. Skype, Zoom and Google Meets.

For over 20 years, our company has provided comprehensive management software exclusively for the diamond, gemstone, and jewelry industries. Our team is aware that each jeweler’s organization is unique and has a complex workflow structure. We are confident that our software will help the jeweler’s business run efficiently and successfully.

Yes, our software is available in many languages:
- ERP. Tiara software is supported in Thai, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, French, German and Italian;
- GIS software is supported in Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic; and
- POS software is supported Thai and English.

Yes, we can develop specially customized software for you. Please send us an enquiry for more information.

There is a cap limit, however, this limit can be uncapped for a fee. This fee will vary on a case-by-case basis.

We have multiple software packages that will work with your business operation. Also, providing custom requests that will meet client demands. We may collect data in order to understand your system better, then we can try our best to assist your company run more efficiently.

- Customize request
- System study
- Helpline
We will be able to do custom requests to make the software fit with your business. We have a service to learn system study of client businesses to help develop the program to the customer’s specification. In order to ease your adaptation into our program, we have an implementation team to support the customers’s needs and solve any problems.