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Tiara Retail Software

“An Integrated Software for Jewelry POS to Manage Jewelry Showroom retail & wholesale business Inventory & Accounting”

Jewelry Retail Software

Tiara Retail Jewelry Software for retail & wholesale, Manufacturing Business. Tiara Jewelry Software is designed for your retail & wholesale business to manage from customer billing, bar-coding, imaging, return & repair, purchase & planning's, contractors, stocks, tray stocks, finance, receivables & issuable, mis, vat/e-returns & tds to cashier/operator control.

1. Estimation
2. Certificate & Lab Information
4. Multi Stores on real time
5. Store wise Inventory
6. Re-Order and Minimum Qty (MRP)
7. Product breakdown (Metal Value+ Metal loss Value+ Stone Value+ Labor Value).
8. Credit Cards Details.
9. Discount Coupon.
10. Multi Location, Multi Office independent Transaction concept.
11. Reward Points
12. Affiliate Management
13. Sale man Module ( Commission slab)
14. Financial Accounting ( Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger, Forex Register, VAT analysis, Outstanding Receivable/ payable)
15. Catalogue
16. Reporting output PRINT/ EMAIL/ PDF/ EXCEL/FILE.
17. Barcode Document Tracing.
18. Flexible Reporting with Search, Sorting, Grouping.
19. User Rights Control with log File.
20. Dash board ( Store Number online, Total Inventory on all Store, Total sale ( Cash , Credit), New customer, New affiliate, Current 10 Sale.

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