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“Tiara ERP Integrated business Software Solution for Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Show room, Diamond & Gems business with International Quality Standards”

Design / SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

BOM (Bill of Material) master Information of Design/ Style/ SKU with Metal (title-color), Finding, Mounting, Stone (Setting Type), Labor, Process Flow, Customer Reference, Vendor Reference, Metal Loss Tolerance % Variance % in Weight, Costing, Price List, Multi Metal (2ton), Hour,

Quotation / Estimation

Design/ SKU/ Ready Stock to generate quotation with RFID/BARCODE full flexibility to change Metal Price/ Stone/Labor, Catalogue, Daybook.

Sale Order / Follow up

Flexible Order generation, Priority ranking to follow-up production, Watch Control on shipment Date, Projected Raw Material Requirement, Order Status ( Commercial / Production), Ageing on shipment Date, Profitability on Order/ SKU/Customer wise, Budget Costing.

Material Requirement Planning (M. R. P)

Core planning for Requirement of raw material with projection, ABC analysis on Inventory Movement, Re-Order & Min Stock level ( Metal, Finding, Mounting, Stone), Auto PO for short Fall Inventory with Budget Estimation.

Vendor Management

Highest/ Lowest Price of Raw material to analysis the best vendor. Quantity & Amount Volume Analysis. Lead time analysis for Raw Material and Vendor.

Production Planning

JOB Order, Process Mapping, In-House Indent, JOB Material Requirement, Job Bagging, Short Fall raw material analysis, Full Control on requirement follow up, Job History, Mirror view on Inventory Movement Control. Raw Material Schedule.

Sub Contract

Outsource purchase Order with Vendor reference, Raw Material analysis on outsource worker and vendor, Vendor labor analysis. Vendor Lead time analysis.


Flexible process Stages, Precise control on Casting/ Waxing, Flexible repairing module, rejection analysis with comment, Worker analysis, BIRD EYE’s view on Production, WIP Floor Plan, Ageing on Production JOB due date, Process and Worker Performance, Loss Control, Production Valuation, Quality Control, JOB Costing, Splitting & Merging JOB PCS, Daybook ( Issue & Receive) JOB Bag, JOB History, Traffic Priority, JOB Costing Loss with Worker Analysis( JOB/ Worker/ Process), Factory Capacity Monitoring, Notification.

Inventory Control

Metal / Stone/ Finding/ Mounting/ Ready Jewelry Stock Accounting standard for Stock Card Analysis, Purchase Approval, Valuation, Stock Transfer, Physical Stock, Metal & Stone Adjustment, Issue & Return Material from Production, Sub Contract Metal & Stone Accounting, Metal Graining (Conversion), Worker Metal & Stone Loss Accounting, Metal Loss Register, Metal & Stone Summary for various level.

Sale & Export

Metal / Stone/ Ready Jewelry Stock , Performa/ Consignment Sale, Sale analysis on SKU/ Customer profitability, SKU Marketing Analysis.

Tag, Barcode, RFID Control

Flexible alignment of Tag Fields for Ready stock, Inventory Label, RFID for Ready stock and Production JOB Bag & Process Sheet, Packing Label, Barcode & Sticker for Invoice, Quick Quotation and Order confirmation, Stock Reconciliation.


Transaction, Outstanding (Receivable& Payable), VAT Analysis, Forex Gain & Loss Accounting, Cash & Bank Book, Bank Reconciliation, Confirmation of Accounts, Reminder Letter.

Financial Management

Trail Balance, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Scenario Management, Budget & Control, Cash Flow Projection, Work in Progress Valuation.

Management Console

Order Schedule, JOB Order Schedule, JOB Bag Schedule, Process& SKU wise Metal loss Analysis, Production Labor Analysis, Factory Capacity Analysis, User Rights, Log File.

Extra Integrated Solution

E-Commerce & Mobile app data synchronization, Exhibition Data integration, Cloud reporting, RFID & Barcode Integration.

Technical Specification

Tiara ERP Application compatible on WIN XP, Pro, Win 7, Win8, Win 10, Win 2008, Win 2012. Tiara ERP DATABASE compatible on MS SQL 2005, 2008, 2012 with Frame work 4.0 version and above. Tiara ERP application design on .NET, C++ with Own proprietary Control for Form Frame Work, Reporting Tool.

Multi Location real time working via IP (protocol) or Cloud connectivity, Desktop application.
Hardware Specification

Client 4GB Ram, Server with 16GB RAM with 1 GB Hard disk space, 1000Mbps, CAT6 Cabling (recommended). Wifi 56 Kbps minimum Std.

Global Features

Cloud Reporting
Exhibition Module with RFID
Connectivity with Ecommerce
Connectivity with Mobile App
Job Schedule with lead time line
Factory Capacity Planning
Multi office & Location real time working.
Cellular Multi Factory Management.

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