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Jewellery ERP Cloud Reporting


Tiara.NET isunique idea tooverview business information remotely without any dependency. Tiara.NET cloud technology helps Management real time reporting for quick decision.

Tiara.NET technology design to maintain business information inside customer business house and allow functionalities to access information from ANY WHERE

What are the features of Tiara.NET Cloud Reporting?

There are many ways to view business information with help of Tiara.NET cloud technology. Few examples as below:

1. Overview Closing Stock Balance
2. Outstanding Accounts Receivable / Payable.
3. Cash Projection.
4. Liquidity Balance.
5. Inventory Short Fall.

Tiara ERP design to allow ADMIN to define permission what reports to show on Cloud

How much it is Secure?

Tiara.NET technology is unique idea allow user LOGIN directly to their own Server inside Tiara Console to view information. All information view on Server Only. Tiara.NET design structure is one way only to view reporting and with permission to PRINT/ EXPORT the information. Once User LOGOUT, Tiara.NET only having Company User Credentials without any company DATA.